Our Curriculum

Every child is born with a Genius.

TAI has partnered up with TAI to provide the ultimate learning system and curriculum for its students. TAI is building a society where every bit of that Genius is realized and nurtured till it reaches its fullest form. And our advanced Brain Entrainment technology makes the process fun and exciting.

It took our team of engineers and curriculum developers ten years of painstaking research and experimentation to finally deliver you one of the world’s finest curriculum for your child. We are so confident that this works, that we guarantee the results!

Through the classroom sessions for one year, a student realizes the science of how our brain works and how to comprehend most difficult and complex topics with in depth clarity. He starts with simple words, and slowly moves up the ladder to sentences, paragraphs, charts, diagrams, complicated theory, numbers, dates and he masters the process of putting things into his brain with crystal – clear clarity.

We teach him not the concept of mathematics or sciences but how our brain comprehends those concepts and stores that logic to use it in future. Thus students are able to master complicated math topics like calculus, fractions, geometry etc independently without any external help. They are able to think beyond the ordinary levels and grasp those aspects of his subjects that we, even as adults, might find difficult.

His performance levels would be at his optimum in studies, sports, extra curriculars and in every field of his life. We inculcate that culture into him so deeply that performing at extra ordinary levels looks just small and ordinary to him.

At TAI, we follow an exciting process to teach children the science of how our brain comprehends different types of information and how these information are stored and thus children learns to comprehend complex study topics like points, paragraphs, concepts, diagrams, logic etc and retrieve them with precision after months without revision.
What Changes How It Impacts
Speed & accuracy by 96% Self confidence, school grades, performance
comprehensin In depth clarity of higher concepts, performance, creativity, innovation
Repetition & practice reduced by 91% The boring and stressful side of studies removed, more time, productivity
Students become independent learners Teachers can deliver more, grasping ability increases, no time wasted for home tutors, subject help, math practice etc, performance gap bridged

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