About us

We are a movement on a mission to reinvent fun and excitement in learning and to help students master the complicated study topics and thus unleash the potential of the country as a whole.

Join us on our mission to even the odds for the future generations, one genius at a time.


We make no small plans. We believe that unleashing the maximum potential in every child is one of the highest leverage actions we as a society can take to build a better future. We won’t stop until every student in our country graduates with clarity of concepts given not only in text books but also are ready to contribute to the world with the highest level of confidence. And the clock is ticking!!

We have until 2030 (course of one generation) to make it happen.

Join us, if you dare!!!


Started with a hope to make studies easy by a fourteen year old school girl, it has taken over ten years of painstaking research work since 2004, on how children study and grasps concepts across the globe and how can we use the internal and external simulations to make Brains unbelievably fast and accurate for students worldwide.


Started with a hope to make studies easier by a fourteen year old school girl, it took us over ten years of painstaking research work since 2004 to build a curriculum that is so comprehensive that every single doubt of a student is cleared by the time he reaches the advanced levels but yet so simply designed that a student of fourth grade solves eleventh standard trigonometry problems and solve physics proofs without even realizing that he is doing something extraordinary!

We help students discover those aspects of a subject which even adults, would find as difficult to comprehend.


It started with a struggle to build a system, so well defined, that any student following it can master the life skills required to crack any exam in life. We have done it well but still kept bettering ourselves. We have built a team across eight countries building relationships with thousands of parents worldwide who have seen their children transform.

Have we created impact? Yes, you Bet! We have turned thousands of strugglers to top scorers, C's to A's and worried parents to empowered individuals…


From leading Global Institutions to American President Barrack Obama himself, we have got tremendous support from across the Globe to bring this initiative to life. And when we look back we still remember our days of painful struggle in our dorm room. But for us true achievement has always been when a struggling child turns into a confident A grader and when parents never need to worry again about their child’s performance. And though we have never believed in awards and certificates, yet we have enough of them to tell you that we are recognized.

Do we really need to talk more about our Achievements?


Help us take TAI to a village. Because Great people like you, the world changers, the dreamers and the achievers are the souls we would love to work with to make this change happen. And if you feel low ever, try this out atleast once and see how the satisfaction of bringing a smile on a helpless innocent face can keep you content for life.

You can be truly proud for making this happen.

Start making an impact today!!!

Are you ready to make a difference?