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TAI is now available in हिंदी, తెలుగు, বাংলা, ಕನ್ನಡ and தமிழ்

TAI Solutions

Classroom Solution

Solutions built to take classroom engagement and energy to a whole new level.

Self Learning Solution

Self learning tools that not only develops the concept knowledge but also identifies and builds core skills.

Platform Solution

Customised learning platform built with intelligent technology that takes analytics and insights to a whole new level.

Give your teachers and students
an exclusive access to next generation intelligence

TAI for teachers

Create and manage classes
Gamified lesson plans
Unlimited printable worksheets
Assign assignments
Detailed student analytics

TAI for students

24*7 virtual math assistant
Ultimate math program
chat/ call support for online tutoring
Personal tutoring
Customized learning roadmap
Track every learning

TAI Starters (Preschool - 2nd grade)

Math program for Preschool till second Graders

Young students just launching into school are almost always filled with an enthusiasm for learning. In some, an undetected cognitive skills weakness hiding beneath that enthusiasm is waiting to rob them of their joy of learning. TAI starter program is designed to ensure a solid foundation of cognitive skills strength for preschool and first grade students.

TAI Elementary (1st - 5th grade)

Math program for Elementary school till fifth Graders

A course designed specifically for the third and fourth grade students. The initials years of school are vital for giving a strong foundation to every learning mind and TAI brain Training program ensures just that.

TAI brain Training program is designed to improve the cognitive thinking skills in a child and thus makes them independent learners with improved mental speed and logical reasoning skills giving them a head start for their next academic years in school and beyond that.

Learning from a professional Brain Training system is very important at this age as these skills would help them excel and achieve throughout their lives. From a very young age our children develops leadership skills which makes them a leader for life and with this the confidence level that is developed no other program can match.

TAI Middle school (6th - 8th Grade)

Math program for Middle school till eight Graders

TAI Middle School is a course specifically designed for students of grades fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth where children learn how to make winning their habit for life and get equipped with the most effective brain techniques and study systems which takes them way higher than their normal performance level.

The course helps the struggling students with a personalised approach and an one – on –one guidance system to destroy the hindrance creating factors to studies at the roots and help children overcome fears and low self esteem and thus instill confidence in them as they become super achievers in classrooms. TAI students get an unfair advantage over their peers when it comes to performance in exams and independent learning skills. When it comes to professional brain training there can be no comparison to TAI systems.

TAI High school (9th - 12th Grade)

Math program for High school till twelfth Graders

Last years in school, a huge jump of syllabuses plus the pressure of boards along with pressure from huge expectations from relatives and from teachers leave children stressed and worried during the grades ninth tenth eleventh and twelfth. To help these students our experts have made a unique course keeping in mind the time constraints to attend a program in these years.

TAI High School is a short term program to quickly develop neural pathways in brain to help learning faster and easier. We would give children tricks and techniques to improve learning and grasping of concepts. The program would put them on the fast track to success in the boards and in their lives without any pressure.

A smarter system for the smarter students. Attend this program and ensure success and happiness in life forever.

Even a year at TAI helps accelerate your child’s learning -- from as young as age 3 all the way through high school


The fundamentals instilled by TAI leads to an accelerated learning through out your child’s life. He grows up only to find himself more confident to win at everything he takes up in life. This journey of a lifetime helps him realise that failures are temporary and with the right plan he can overcome any difficulties in life.


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